Stella 2.0 FAQs

Frequently asked questions about Demand IQ's new embedded lead capture and conversion solution.

1. How many buttons can I use to launch Chat or Stepper?

As many as you want! As long as the button has this class "diq-stella-2", you can launch Stella directly on your page.


2. Can I run Chat and Stepper at the same time?

Unfortunately, we only support one experience type at a time. This is certainly on our short-term roadmap! 


3. Does Stella 2.0 capture UTM parameters?

Yes! Stella 2.0 captures all of the standard marketing data that 1.0 already does: UTM parameters, click IDs, and acquisition path URLs.


4. How does Stella 2.0 fit into my CRM?

Stella 2.0 sends data to the Demand IQ Portal in a similar manner to 1.0. Your existing CRM integrations will continue to work without changes!