CRM Integration: Google Sheets + Zapier

Instructions: Setting up Zapier connection with Google Sheets

We will be connecting Zapier with Demand IQ via your unique API Key and exporting data to Google Sheets. 

    1. Trigger: New or Updated Lead in Demand IQ 

    App: Demand IQ 

    Event: New or Updated Lead

    Pull API key from the Demand IQ portal in the Configurator > Integration tab > API Key and paste into API field.

    2. Google Sheet 

    Create a Google Sheet and utilize the row fields here. In order to edit, go to File > Make a Copy > Rename sheet

    Action: Lookup spreadsheet row in Google Sheets
    App: Google Sheet
    Event: Lookup spreadsheet row
    Account & Drive: Select account & drive the Google Sheet was made in
    Lookup Value: Type "Email" 
    Bottom-Up: True
    Date Created: Use this link and can use the "Zap_meta_human_now" field

    Then, match the below fields with Demand IQ data fields. They should read as the fields are described. You do NOT need to fill out the following fields: 
    - Date Last Updated
    - Customer Type
    - Property Type
    - Property Ownership
    - Credit Score
    - Property Living Period
    - Property Roof Needed
    - Household Taxable Income
    - Timeframe
    - Estimate URL 
    - kWH Usage
    - Amt Paid
    - Battery Name
    - Battery Description
    - Battery Price
    - Charger Name
    - Charger Description
    - Charger Price

    Once this is done, click Continue & Test Action