Solar Previews

How to generate a Solar Preview



  • The Solar Preview™ feature enables sales reps to generate customized shade reports and qualification insights at the homeowner's door.
  • It visually represents how solar panels would look on the homeowner's property and generates a ballpark savings estimate based on their current utility bill.
  • Within the Solar Preview, you can generate a Solar Preview, set a disposition, make notes, schedule an appointment, and capture a photo of utility bills.

How to Use the Solar Previews

  • To generate a Solar Preview:
      • Tap the "Map" button at the bottom center of the app.
      • Search for an address or simply drop a pin on any roof in the app.
      • Tap “Preview” to generate the Solar Preview and present it to the homeowner for a personalized, interactive, and engaging solar report experience.

    • To set the homeowner’s Disposition: Every lead’s disposition defaults to Prospect. To change the disposition, tap Prospect and select the relevant disposition. 
      • Disposition options include Prospect, Appointment, Not Home, Follow Up, Not Interested, Not Qualified, and Do Not Knock.
    • To schedule an appointment: Tap “Appointment.” 
      • Hero uses the calendar link from your Profile to connect to your calendar.
    • To make a note: Tap “Note” to document any additional info/insights for the lead.
    • To include a Utility Bill: Tap "Utility Bill", which is to the right of "Appointment" and either take photo or attach a file to the lead.
  • Tips and Tricks
    • Familiarize yourself with the Solar Preview™ generation process to efficiently create personalized presentations to share at the door.