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Set Dispositions in Hero

See the list of dispositions you can add in Hero, both in the App and in the Portal.

Dropping a Pin

Hero's default disposition is Prospect, representing a singular address as a pin on a map.

When you drop a pin in the Hero App or create it within the Portal, Prospect will show automatically. 

Updating Dispositions

Both in the App and in Portal, you can update the disposition of a Prospect to any of the following: 

  • Appointment
  • Call
  • Do Not Knock
  • Follow Up
  • Not Home    
  • Not Interested
  • Not Qualified
  • Sold

Managers and Admins can add additional dispositions to the app and portal for your sales team. 

How to add additional dispositions: 

1. Login to the portal (only Team Managers and Admin can do this) 

2. Navigate to Settings ➡️ System Settings

3. Select the dropdown menu under Disposition Settings 

4. Select any additional dispositions you would like to have in your App/Portal. 

5. Hit Save 

HERO Dispositions


Hero tracks the disposition history of all Prospects, making sure you know when and how a user has progressed through your marketing and sales journey.