How to customize pricing by State

Demand IQ allows your team to break down the cost/watt on a state by state basis.

In order to customize the price per state follow the steps below:

  1. Click the Configurator Tab and click Settings
  2. Download the expected file format
  3. Open the excel spreadsheet and input the different fully financed, dealer fees included dollar/watt cost. Please use 2 letter state codes when entering information in the State column. Only include the states your team services. Make sure to save the spreadsheet.
  4. Finally, in the Demand IQ portal, click Upload Customized Pricing and select the CSV you just saved.
  5. Upon a successful upload your dollar/watt by state will be shown in a box below the upload
  6. If any changes need to be made to a certain dollar/watt in a specific state, please note you will have to include all of the dollar/watt costs for each state you service when you upload the new spreadsheet.