Send Sunlight Pre-Qualification data into your CRM

Pass homeowner pre-qualification data into your CRM via Zapier.

What You'll Need

  • Access to Zapier Premium (we're happy to host this on our account for you)
  • Access to your Demand IQ platform

Step 1: Create Zap

You'll need to create a Zap that passes lead information into your CRM when new leads, appointments, and bills are generated via Demand IQ. If you do not have Zapier Premium, we can set this up for you on our Zapier account. 

If you already have a Zap set up for a CRM integration, you do not need to create a new Zap to pass pre-qualification data. Skip to Step 2.

Step 2: 

Add a field within your CRM to capture Sunlight Pre-Qualification data. We label this field as Pre-Qualification Status.

Step 3:

Refresh your Zap to pull in the Pre-Qualification Status field. You might have to send a test lead through where you run the Pre-Qualification (even if it fails) in order to get the field to show up in Zapier.

Step 4:

Insert Sunlight Pre-Qualification Status field. Test and publish your Zap. 


Once this is complete, you're all set! You will receive 3 possible results from Sunlight: Pass, Fail or Indeterminable.