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Hero Settings

Edit your profile, adjust appointment settings, modify your savings calculator, and get support from/offer feedback to Demand IQ.


    • Settings is located at bottom right of the navigation bar.
    • To edit your profile: Tap “Edit Profile” to edit your name, company, website, phone number, email address, and job title.
      • This info will serve as a virtual business card to leave behind with homeowners in the future.
    • To adjust appointment settings: Tap “Appointment Setting” and add your calendar link.
  • To configure the Savings Calculator: Tap “Savings Calculator” to adjust your target offset, price per watt, utility rate, rate escalator, financing APR, and financing term length.
  • To get support & and offer feedback: Tap “Support & Feedback” and you’ll be directed to an SMS conversation with a direct line to our team. Just send us a text with your request for support or feedback, and we’ll get back to you ASAP. We see every text and we take your suggestions seriously!