Zapier: Demand IQ's Fields

Learn what data fields Demand IQ sends to Zapier when a new lead is created or updated.

id - Unique string for Demand IQ records. You can use this as a unique identifier as well in your CRM.

Lead Status - Five options passed as a string: 

  • Lead
  • Qualified Lead
  • Disqualified Lead
  • Appointment
  • Appointment with Bill

First Name - String

Last Name- String

Variation Name - String

E-mail - Email

Phone - (XXX) XXX-XXXX

Address - String

Unit - String

City - String

State - Two-Letter State Code

Zip Code - Five Numerical Digits

Average Bill - String

Disqualified Reason - Three options passed as a string:

  • Renter
  • Poor Credit
  • Other (Catch all for all other screening questions like property type. Full screening questions passed along in Screening Details field.)

Timeframe - Three options passed as a string:

  • ASAP
  • Next 6 Months
  • Still Researching

Meeting Datetime - MM/DD/YYYY HH:MM AM/PM

Meeting Timezone - String

Variation Name - String used to denote version of Demand IQ (ZIP code entrance, Spanish, etc.) 

Jornaya Lead ID - Unique string used for communications compliance 

Original Source - URL from where the user started the Demand IQ funnel 

Referring URL - Intermediate URL through which a user passed into the Demand IQ funnel

UTM Campaign Source - String

UTM Campaign Medium - String

UTM Campaign Name - String

UTM Campaign Term - String

UTM Campaign Content - String

Latest FBCLID - Facebook Ad Click ID

Latest GCLID - Google Ad Click ID

Resume URL - URL to resume ballpark estimate through Demand IQ portal 

Screening Details - One large string containing the following:

  • Average Bill
  • Customer Type
  • Timeframe
  • Screening Questions
  • Meeting Datetime
  • Meeting Timezone
  • Jornaya Lead ID
  • Visitor ID
  • Utility Bills URL
  • Estimate URL

Screening Questions - String containing all qualification questions. Each question and answer is delimited by a semicolon.